Are Third-Party iPhone Batteries Safe?

Are you concerned if third-party iPhone batteries are safe? Here is what you should know about the safety of aftermarket iPhone batteries or third-party batteries.

are third party iPhone batteries safe?

Third-party batteries also known as aftermarket batteries can vary in quality. Therefore, it is irresponsible to say that all aftermarket iPhone batteries are not safe. However, it’s important to note Apple states that using third-party or aftermarket iPhone batteries “might affect the safety of the device or might cause improper function.” To see whether Apple’s statements have any merit, we surveyed 32 cell phone repair shops across the US to see if third-party iPhone batteries are safe. A surprising 31% of cell phone repair shops surveyed said that aftermarket iPhone batteries are not safe. Additionally, 50% of consumers believe that

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Apple: Safety of iPhone Third-party Batteries

It’s clear what Apple’s stance is on third-party iPhone batteries. Apple states that aftermarket or third-party iPhone batteries can hinder performance and cause safety concerns. Apple mentions when a third-party repair shop uses nongenuine parts the replacement battery may be poorly manufactured, may be used, be damaged, or even incorrect battery for your iPhone. This can cause insufficient battery capacity, improper fitment, and performance issues. Apple says using third-party batteries can result in unexpected behavior, software issues, and charging issues. Additionally, aftermarket batteries are not able to show battery health. Clearly, according to Apple using aftermarket or third-party batteries is not recommended to avoid possible issues.

Third-Party Repair Shops: Are third-party iPhone batteries safe?

What do third-party repair shops have to say about aftermarket iPhone batteries? To get a clear understanding, we surveyed 32 third-party phone repair shops across the United States. Cell phone repair shops were asked, “are third-party cell phone batteries safe?” We were shocked by our findings. Of the 32 shops surveyed, 31% of repair shops reported aftermarket or third-party iPhone batteries being not safe. One repair shop owner even mentioned an aftermarket battery exploding in a customer’s device after installation. Though this is not common, many repair shop owners believe third-party batteries are simply not as good as genuine batteries.

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On the other hand, 69% of repair shops polled, said that third-party cell phone batteries are safe. The majority of phone repair shops trust the aftermarket parts they use on a day-to-day basis. iFixit an online phone parts vendor which sells aftermarket batteries states they rigorously test their batteries to ensure quality and capacity. They test and change battery manufacturers to find the best batteries on the market. However not all parts vendors hold to high standards. For example, an Amazon seller selling iPhone batteries will get the cheapest batteries on the market to move as much product as possible.

The takeaway here is not all aftermarket batteries are created equal. One third-party battery may work great while another will be of poor quality and cause issues.

Are third-party cell phone batteries safe?
32 cell phone repair shops were surveyed

Consumers: Aftermarket iPhone Battery Safety

To get a deeper understanding of third-party iPhone batteries are safe, we surveyed 18 consumers to see if they thought aftermarket iPhone batteries are safe. Of the 18 consumers polled, 50% thought third-party iPhone batteries are not safe to use. Though this data does not tell us if aftermarket batteries are safe, it can show us how consumers feel about aftermarket batteries. For example, those who reported third-party batteries as not being safe may have had a negative or poor experience in the past with said batteries.

Should I use a third-party iPhone battery?

In many cases, third-party and aftermarket batteries are safe to use however it is heavily dependent on who the manufacturer is and who installs it. Choosing a repair shop that has a great warranty and great reviews is a great place to start if you’re thinking about getting an aftermarket battery installed in your iPhone. In the event, your battery has issues or causes any unexpected behavior the repair shop will be able to warranty it. Additionally, if you are looking to replace the battery yourself it’s important to find a parts vendor that will stand behind their products such as iFixit. As mentioned previously, not all batteries are created equal.

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