Best Place to Sell Your iPad for Cash in Tacoma

Replacing your iPad can be expensive however you can recoup some money and sell your iPad near you in Tacoma. There are plenty of ways to sell your iPad online but like most of us, you’d prefer to sell in person for cash.

Luckily there are several places you can sell your iPad in Tacoma for cash! Unlike online companies that buy used electronics, these local places in Tacoma will buy your used or damaged iPads for cash.

Looking to sell your phone instead? Check out our 6 recommendations to sell your phone for cash in Tacoma.

Sell iPad in Tacoma, WA

Where to Sell Your iPad in Tacoma

1. Pawnshops

One easy way is to sell your iPad to a local pawnshop. Pawnshops are known to haggle so you may not get the best price for your iPad. There are over 10 local pawnshops located in Tacoma, WA where you can try to sell your iPad.

Why We Like Pawnshops

  • Pawn your device for a cash loan
  • No need to ship your device

2. WeBuyCellPhones

WeBuyCellPhones is a small local business based in Tacoma, WA that specializes in buying used and broken electronics. You can sell your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and other electronics here.

You can get a quote for your iPad by contacting us via phone or email. Unlike ecoATM where you sell your iPad to a kiosk without a person present, here you sell your device in person. Someone will be assisting you during the process and can help with any questions that may arise.

Why We Like WeBuyCellPhones

  • Local small business
  • Multiple payment options
  • In-person
  • No need to mail your iPad

3. GameStop

GameStop also buys used and broken devices. You can sell your iPad to GameStop in a number of locations throughout Tacoma, WA.

You can get a quote for your iPad by visiting their website or bringing it in-store for valuation. After an employee inspects your iPad and gives you a quote, you can be paid via prepaid Visa or in-store credit.

Why We Like GameStop

  • Multiple locations throughout the US
  • Get a prepaid Visa or store credit
  • No need to ship your iPad

4. Apple Trade-in

When it’s time for you to upgrade your device you can trade in your iPad at Apple. You can get a quote online and mail your device. Alternatively, you can visit a local Apple Store to trade in your iPad.

The payment options include an in-store credit or an Apple gift card. Additionally, you can apply your trade-in value toward a new device.

There are several Apple store locations throughout the Puget Sound area. One is located inside the Tacoma Mall.

Why We Like Apple

  • Instant store credit or a gift card
  • Free electronics recycling

5. ecoAtm

Another option is to sell your iPad to an ecoATM kiosk. These kiosks are located throughout Tacoma inside shopping centers and grocery stores. You can find the closest ecoATM by searching online or using the ecoATM app.

You can get a quote online by entering your zip code but you will need to bring your device to your nearest kiosk for final valuation. The kiosks inspect your iPad and give you an offer. If you choose to accept the offer you will receive cash on the spot.

Why We Like ecoATM

  • Over 2000 kiosks nationwide
  • Instant cash
  • No need to mail your device

6. Facebook

Facebook is another great platform to use to sell your devices locally. Make sure to list your iPad on Facebook Marketplace and share with relevant local buy and sell groups.

It’s free to buy and sell items on Facebook Marketplace. You will need to list your iPad yourself and negotiate with any buyers to make the sale. The payment method will be up to you and the buyer.

Why We Like Facebook

  • The largest social network with many potential buyers
  • Free to buy and sell

7. OfferUp

Like Facebook, another great app to sell your iPad locally is OfferUp. Download the OfferUp app and list your iPad for sale locally and nationwide.

It will be up to you and the buyer to negotiate the price and payment methods.

Why We Like OfferUp

  • Sell locally and nationwide

8. Craigslist

Alternatively, you can list your iPad for sale on Craigslist which is one of the first buy-and-sell sites. However, unlike OfferUp and Facebook, there are no reviews for buyers and sellers.

Craigslist is still quite popular to buy and sell electronics. You can list your iPad for sale under the electronics, computers, or cell phones category.

  • Popular local classified site
  • Free to list personal items for sale

How to Sell Your iPad in Tacoma

Before selling your iPad be sure to erase and sign out of your iCloud account. Additionally, you may want to back up your data before deleting your information. If you’re trading in your iPad, the trade-in company will usually provide additional steps to follow. 

Research Before Selling Your iPad

As there are plenty of options to sell your iPad, you will want to research each option that best suits your needs. Each option has its pros and cons. Before choosing where to sell your iPad in Tacoma, we recommend thoroughly looking at online reviews and testimonials to help make the right decision. 

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