Can Apple Unlock Your iCloud-Locked iPhone? Answer Revealed!

Accidentally buy an iCloud-locked iPhone or forget your iCloud password? Fortunately, there is hope to unlock your iCloud account. In this article, we will discuss how Apple can remove or disable the iCloud activation lock on an iPhone. If you are looking to network unlock your iPhone instead, we discuss that here.

Apple can unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone, but only for the original owner of the device with proof of purchase from Apple or an authorized Apple reseller. If you are not the original owner of the iPhone, Apple will not remove the iCloud activation lock. You must have the original sales receipt and be the owner of the iCloud account associated with the iPhone.

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Request Apple to Remove iCloud Activation Lock

If you’re unable to reset or remove the iCloud activation lock, you can request Apple to remove it in some cases. You must provide clear proof that you are the original owner of the device, including a sales receipt that shows the serial number, IMEI, or MEID number that matches the device in question. Additionally, the device must not be in LOST mode, which is a security feature of the iCloud Find My app that allows you to lock and safeguard your device if it is lost or stolen. Also, your device must not be managed by a business or educational institution as Apple cannot unlock those. If your device is managed by a business or educational institution, contact your IT department or manager.

Eligibility Requirments:

  • Proof of ownership including serial number, IMEI, or MEID.
  • The device must NOT be in lost mode.
  • Managed devices are not eligible.

Before requesting Apple to unlock your iCloud account, there are several crucial things you need to know. If Apple grants your request, all personal data and files on the device will be permanently erased. It’s crucial to back up any important files or data before submitting a request for iCloud activation lock support, as Apple is not responsible for any data loss or recovery. Additionally, once you submit your request, it cannot be canceled.

To start an iCloud activation lock support request, click here.

How long does it take Apple to remove the activation lock?

According to Apple, the activation lock removal process can take up to 30 days. The department handling the request will notify you via the email provided on the support request form. Calling will not accelerate the process as iCloud activation lock requests are not handled by phone advisors. Therefore, it’s best to check your email regularly for a response.

How much does it cost?

Apple does not charge a fee to submit an activation lock support request. iCloud activation lock requests are free of charge.

iCloud Removal Success Rate: Survey

Removing iCloud activation lock can be a straightforward process for the device’s owner. To understand how easy the process is, we surveyed a handful of repair shops for their experience.

We surveyed 19 cell phone repair shops across the United States to determine their success rate of removing iCloud activation lock through Apple. Nearly 70% of shops reported that they had success removing iCloud when provided with proof of purchase. However, 26% of repair shops reported a success rate of only 5-10% even when provided with proof of purchase.

What is the success rate of iCloud activation lock removal with proof of purchaseResults
19 phone repair shops surveyed

Can Apple steal your data?

Apple Denies Activation Lock Support: What You Need to Know

In some instances, Apple may refuse or cancel iCloud activation lock support. In such cases, all options have been exhausted. Apple does not disclose the reason for cancellation or refusal. It’s likely that the information provided was insufficient to prove ownership. If you are the rightful owner of the device, you can try resetting your iCloud account if you haven’t done so already.

Can Apple Remove Activation Lock Without Proof of Purchase?

Proof of ownership is necessary for Apple to disable the iCloud activation lock. Unfortunately, if the device was purchased secondhand, Apple will not be able to remove the iCloud lock as the original owner’s information is required. Apple’s policy does not allow for the removal of the activation lock for non-original owners.

Additionally, if you purchased an iPhone on Facebook Marketplace, Offerup, or Craigslist with an activation lock, the situation may be difficult to resolve. However, if the device was shipped to you, you may be protected through purchase protection on Offerup and Facebook. To resolve the issue, we recommend contacting Offerup or Facebook support.

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