Can I Trade In a Repaired iPhone?

Trading in a repaired iPhone can be a smart move, but it’s important to note that trade-in eligibility varies by company. Many network providers will accept repaired devices but this may result in a lower trade-in value. Keep in mind that repairs done by a third party may make the device ineligible for trade-in. Alternatively, you can always just sell your broken phone as is without repairing it.

trade in repaired iPhone

When considering trading in your iPhone, it’s important to note that the trade-in terms will vary among different companies. Companies such as Apple, Best Buy, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and other network providers will all have different trade in terms. While most trade-in companies will accept previously repaired devices, using cheap aftermarket parts may result in deductions upon evaluation. Keep in mind that Apple typically does not accept devices with aftermarket third-party screens. Whereas most network providers do not have a problem with them.

Trading in a Previously Repaired iPhone to Apple

Apple does not clearly state its policy on trading in previously repaired iPhones. However, if you repair your device using genuine parts from an Apple-authorized service provider, you should not have any issues trading it into Apple. Apple technicians are able to identify original and aftermarket parts by running a diagnostic test on the device. You can trade in your iPhone at or a retail store. Here are a few things to know before your next Apple appointment.

Trading in an iPhone with aftermarket parts or previous repairs can be an issue. This is particularly true for iPhones with aftermarket screens. Not sure if your screen is aftermarket? There are several notable things to check for when determining if you have an aftermarket or original display. While other parts such as batteries or charge ports may also impact trade-in eligibility. We surveyed several cell phone repair shops to gain insight into trade-in eligibility for repaired iPhones through Apple. Repair shops surveyed said that if the screen, battery, or Face ID was aftermarket or replaced by a third party, the device would not be eligible for trade-in. Repairs on small parts such as a microphone, proximity sensor, or buttons do not affect trade-in eligibility.

Parts Apple can detect are repaired:

  • Screen
  • Battery
  • Face ID
  • Cameras

When Apple detects that certain parts are repaired, it may affect the trade-in value of the iPhone. In some cases, Apple may offer a reduced trade-in value, offer to recycle the device, or return it to you. According to Apple, “if you receive a revised trade-in value after inspection of your device which is lower than your originally quoted value, you can then choose to reject it.”

Trading in a Repaired iPhone: Carrier Policies

According to cell phone repair shops surveyed, network carrier stores are more lenient when it comes to trading in previously repaired devices or those with aftermarket parts. One cell phone repair shop owner we surveyed stated that it is acceptable to trade in an iPhone that was repaired with an aftermarket screen to a carrier.

Major network carriers in the US such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T do not specifically state whether or not devices with aftermarket parts or repairs are eligible for trade-in. Based on our experience, network providers do not typically check for repairs or aftermarket parts when evaluating a device for trade-in. With this in mind, getting your screen repaired for a relatively low cost can help you get the maximum trade-in value for your device. Don’t forget to protect your data prior to repair to prevent any data theft.

Trading In Your iPhone at Best Buy

Best Buy does not clearly specify its policy on trading in previously repaired devices. However, based on surveys of phone repair shops, it appears that Best Buy does not typically check for repairs or aftermarket parts when evaluating a device for trade-in. We have found that it is acceptable to trade in an iPhone with aftermarket parts or repairs at Best Buy.

Third-Party Trade-In

Third-party trade-in companies such as BuybackBoss, Decluttr, and Gazelle often offer the best trade-in values for your device. However, these companies typically do not accept iPhones that have been previously repaired with aftermarket parts. If your device has an aftermarket screen, it may be considered “damaged” and result in a reduction in value. For example, BuybackBoss specifically states that iPhones with an aftermarket screen are considered damaged or broken and will receive a corresponding value.

Trading in an iPhone with an Aftermarket Screen

If you previously repaired your device with an aftermarket screen, it’s best to trade it in to either your network provider or Best Buy. Both of these typically do not check for repairs or aftermarket parts when evaluating a device for trade-in. Though one downside is that they will typically not pay cash but offer store credit instead. Third-party companies such as BuybackBoss and have deductions for aftermarket parts but offer cash as an incentive.

Network Provider (T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T)Yes
Best BuyYes
Third-PartyYes w/ deductions
We Buy Cell PhonesYes w/ deductions

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