What is the Difference Between Aftermarket & OEM iPhone Screens

Wondering what the difference between aftermarket vs original iPhone screens is? Whether you’re repairing your iPhone and unsure which screen to choose or you want to repair before you sell your phone, we’ll explain the differences between aftermarket and OEM screens. There are several notable differences between aftermarket and original iPhone screens. To put it … Read more

How to Remove Apple Important Display Message

You’ve recently repaired your iPhone and now have the dreaded “Important Display Message” you desperately want to remove. Whether you or a third-party phone repair shop fixed your iPhone, it can be unpleasant to see and affect your iPhone’s resale value. Fortunately, there are several solutions to remove the Apple important display message. The good … Read more

iPhone Charging Port Repair: 4 Affordable options and costs

Is your iPhone not charging? Or is the charging cable loose or doesn’t click in all the way? It’s possible your iPhone charging port may need repair or replacing. Here are four iPhone charging port repair options and how much each one costs. Cell phone repair: How long does it take? 1. Clean charging port … Read more

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