Cell phone repair: How long does it take?

As we increasingly become attached to our smartphones, time away during repair is critical. Most of us can hardly handle a few minutes without our cell phones. Here is exactly how long you’ll have to wait for your precious phone to get repaired.

It’s safe to assume most cell phone repairs will take under 1 hour. Though phone repair times will vary based on the model, the severity of the damage, appointment availability, and which repair shop you choose. Whether an iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, or other types of devices, each one will vary in time to repair. In addition, repair times will vary from screen repair, battery replacement, or other types of repair. Also, appointment availability and the repair shop you choose will affect just how long you will need to wait for your cell phone to get repaired.

Many local cell phone repair shops advertise same-day repairs. However, with less popular devices, local repair shops may not have the needed part in stock, resulting in longer wait times. This is something to keep in mind if you do not have a popular iPhone or Samsung.

Risks of data loss during repair

How long does it take to diagnose a repair?

Most phone repair shops and service centers will diagnose your device fairly quickly. With popular repairs such as screen and battery replacements, it may only take a few minutes. Apple is usually able to diagnose an iPhone in just 2-5 minutes. However, with more complex issues such as software issues, water damage, or hardware damage it may take over 30 minutes and in some cases several hours. Each repair shop or service center will have its own times to diagnose, so it is best to always ask how long the diagnosis will take.

How long to repair a cracked cell phone screen?

Most cell phone repair shops will quote screen repairs in under 1 hour. With repair times varying from repair shop to repair shop. With most Apple store screen repairs taking approximately 1-2 hours in total. However, wait times can vary drastically based on appointment availability. UbreakiFix, a nationwide cell phone repair shop chain, states most screen repairs take under 45 minutes.

iPhone Screen Repair Cost

We surveyed 52 cell phone repair shops in the United States to see how long it takes to repair a cell phone screen on average. We found most repair shops take under 30 minutes to replace a cracked screen. With 61% reporting 15-30 minutes to repair a shattered cell phone screen. Surprisingly, some repair shops reported completing screen repairs quickly as 5-15 minutes. This includes both iPhone and Samsung screen repairs.

You should set aside about an hour if you are using a local cell phone repair shop for your screen repair. This includes diagnosis, repair, testing, and final payment.

“How long to repair cell phone screen?”Repair Shop Response
5-15 minutes29%
15-30 minutes61%
30-45 minutes4%
45-60 minutes6%
1-1.5 hrs0%

Apple iPhone Repair Time

If you take your iPhone to the Apple Store or an Authorized Apple Service Provider, they will usually have your iPhone repaired the same day. However, in some cases, your iPhone may need to be sent to an Apple Repair Center for repair. In this case, Apple advises repairs can take 6-8 days.

Samsung Phone Repair Time

If you need your Samsung repaired it will take approximately 2 hours to repair according to Samsung. It is recommended to schedule an appointment as walk-ins are handled on a first-come-first-served basis.

On the other hand, Samsung mail-in repair times are quite a bit longer. Samsung advises a 12 to 14 days turnaround time for most repairs. Note: due to global supply issues you may experience longer than normal wait times.

Google Pixel Repair Time

If your Google Pixel is damaged, Google offers both mail-in and walk-in options. Walk-in repairs are usually completed the same day. Repair times are a bit longer with mail-in. According to Google, mail-in repair takes about 7-10 business days for the Google Pixel.

Motorola Repair Time

Motorola on the other hand is fairly quick with their turnaround times. For mail-in, repair times vary from 3-5 days. Carry-in service is also available to you. If there is a service center within 50 miles it will be offered to you.

Alternatively, Motorola advertises fixing your cell phone yourself. Using genuine parts from iFixit, you can fix your phone yourself. Some repairs can be completed in under 30 minutes if you are tech-savvy.

LG Repair Time

LG quotes repair times of approximately 2 weeks.

How long does it take to replace a bad cell phone battery?

As mentioned previously, most repairs take under 1 hour and battery replacements are no exception. According to Apple, most battery replacements are completed the same day. In some complex situations, your iPhone may need to be sent out to an Apple Service Center which can take 3-5 days. You can expect most cell phone batteries to be replaced within an hour whether at an authorized service center or a local 3rd party repair shop.

How long to replace shattered phone back glass?

Depending on what phone you have, you may have a fairly speedy back glass repair. However, with some models such as the iPhone, repair times can be lengthy.

Protect your data before repair

iPhone Back Glass Repair Time

We surveyed 50 cell phone repair shops to see how long it takes to repair an iPhone back glass and we were shocked by our findings. Most phone repair shops reported taking over 3 hours to repair an iPhone back glass. Over 52% of shop owners polled said it takes over 3 hours to fully repair an iPhone back glass.

Overall the repair process is long and tedious. According to one cell phone shop owner, the glue needs to be set for proper adhesion. The shattered glass must first be removed, either by hand or laser. This alone can take up to one hour. Then the new glass is glued down. This is the part that takes the longest as the curing time is a couple of hours.

Hide cracks and scratches

We recommend setting aside 3-4 hours for the iPhone back glass repair. Be prepared not to use your iPhone for at least that time.

“How long to repair iPhone back glass?”Repair shop response
5-30 minutes2%
30 – 45 minutes2%
45 – 60 minutes2%
1 – 1.5 hours29%
1.5 – 2 hours13%
2 – 2.5 hours0%
2.5 – 3 hours0%
3 hours +52%

Samsung Back Glass Repair Time

We surveyed 58 cell phone repair shops to see how long it takes to repair a Samsung back glass. Most repair shops reported taking under 15 minutes to repair the back glass. Eighty-eight percent of cell phone repair shop owners said it takes them about 15 minutes to repair the Samsung back glass if all goes smooth.

Removal and replacement of the Samsung back glass is much easier than the iPhone. The Samsung back glass simply comes off with a little bit of heat, whereas the iPhone requires special equipment including a laser.

You can expect a speedy repair if you need your Samsung back glass repair. We recommend setting aside about one hour total for this repair in case there are any complications.

“How long to repair Samsung back glass?”Repair Shop Response
5-15 minutes88%
15-30 minutes7%
30-45 minutes0%
45-60 minutes3%
1-1.5 hours0%
1.5-2 hours0%
2 hours +2%

How long does it take to repair water damaged phone?

If you drop your phone in water or get it wet, repair times can vary depending on several factors. According to Jesse the owner of VCC Board Repairs, repair times will vary depending on how bad the liquid damage is. Sometimes the liquid hits only one small portion of the motherboard, so the repair might take only 30-60 minutes.

On the other hand, if the whole motherboard was submerged in water or liquid, lots of components have shorted to ground, corrosion under critical ICs, etc. In this case, repair time would be much longer, anywhere from 2 – 4 hours he says.

It’s important to note that water-damaged phones are only “repaired” for data recovery. Jesse states “it’s often difficult to get these devices fully functional and have them be reliable.” So do not rely on using your water-damaged phone after repair as it can still have issues down the road.

Why is my phone repair taking so long?

In some cases, your cell phone repair might be taking longer than expected. This can be because of several reasons. Usually, most repairs tend to take longer because the repair shop is backed up with other repairs. They are simply too busy and haven’t gotten to your phone yet.

iPhone Charging Port Repair Cost

In other cases, sometimes things go wrong. Yes, even professionals make mistakes. Sometimes a technician may damage a part resulting in a longer repair. Or the new part may be defective resulting in the technician having to take apart your device more than once. These are all possible reasons why your phone repair is taking a bit longer.

However, the best way to know why your phone repair is taking so long to repair is to simply ask! Ask the cell phone repair shop or service center why it’s taking longer than quoted. Most repair shops will happily provide a valid reason.

In addition, it is important to research phone repair shops and read reviews to ensure that you are taking your device to a reputable establishment and to prevent any data theft. Learn how to find a reputable and honest cell phone repair shop to ensure an easy repair.

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