Avoid Data Disaster: Learn the Risks of Phone Repair and How to Keep Your Data Safe

Although cell phones have become more durable, accidents still happen. When it comes to repairing your phone, it’s important to know the risk of data loss during repair and how to prevent it.

Phone repair is generally safe, but there is still a risk of losing your data. This is uncommon but can occur in some cases. Repairs such as screen and battery replacements have a low risk of data loss because data is not stored in those parts. However, data loss can occur with an improper repair or device damage. To prevent any chance of data loss, it’s recommended to back up your device before getting it repaired.

Uncovering the Hidden Risks of Data Loss During Cell Phone Repair: A Nationwide Study

To understand the risks of data loss during repair, we surveyed cell phone repair shop owners across the United States. We were surprised by our findings.

Survey Results: What is the chance of data loss during repair?

We surveyed 53 cell phone repair shop owners across the United States about the risk of data loss during repair and found that 92% of shop owners polled said there is less than a 10% chance of data loss during repair. Only 4% said there is a 10%-25% chance of data loss. These results suggest there is a low risk of losing your data during repair.

What is the chance of data loss during phone repair?Results
Less than 10% chance92%
10% – 25% chance4%
25% – 50% chance0%
50% – 75% chance0%
75% – 100% chance0%
Cell phone repair shop owners were asked “what are the chances of data loss during phone repair?”

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Survey Results: What is the cause of data loss on a device?

In a second poll, we surveyed 48 repair shops across the US to determine the primary cause of data loss. According to the phone repair shops surveyed, the most common reason for data loss was water damage, with 65% of repair shop owners polled identifying it as the number one reason. Additionally, 17% of those polled said the main cause of data loss was a disabled device. Surprisingly, two repair shops surveyed stated that data loss was caused by an Apple Genius technician suggesting a restore. Based on our survey, to avoid data loss, it is important to keep your phone dry and avoid disabling it by inputting an incorrect passcode.

Can a cracked screen cause data loss?

What is the cause of data loss on a device?Results
Water damage65%
Disabled device17%
Failed to back up6%
Apple Genius suggests restoring4%
Bad technician4%
Damage during repair2%
Defective device 2%
Cell phone repair shop owners were asked “what is the main cause of data loss on a device?”

Will I Lose My Data if I Replace My Phone Screen?

Data loss during repair is a possibility, though rare, according to Phone Repair Tacoma. The screen repair or replacement process does not affect the memory of the phone where data is stored. However, in some cases, restoring the phone may be necessary to complete the repair, which could result in data loss. Apple states that “data loss during service is a possibility” and it’s the responsibility of the user to back up all existing data. With some iPhone models, the face-id component is paired with the screen and a restore may be required after repair to enable the face-id function.

When a phone becomes disabled due to a cracked or broken screen, there is a risk of data loss. This usually occurs when a damaged phone becomes unresponsive and starts to ghost touch, resulting in a disabled device. In these cases, there is a 50/50 chance of losing data. To fix a disabled phone, updating or restoring the device may be necessary. However, there is a chance that data may not be retained during this process.

Does Changing Battery On a Phone Lose Data?

Data loss during phone battery replacement is unlikely, but it’s recommended to back up your data before. The battery components store only limited data that does not affect internal memory. Battery repair or replacement will not impact your photos, messages, or apps.

Do I Need to Back Up My Phone Before Repair?

During phone repair, there is a small chance of data loss. To minimize this risk, we recommend regularly backing up your phone, regardless of the make or model. Additionally, we advise backing up your phone before getting it serviced, especially when doing any board work, which involves micro-soldering and removing small chips from the logic board.

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