GameStop’s Secret Side Hustle: Buying Old Phones

Did you know GameStop buys old cell phones? Gamestop will buy a variety of devices in varying conditions. This includes buying used, broken, damaged, and even dead devices.

Conditions of Devices GameStop Accepts for Trade-In:

  • Pristine: Like new, with no visible scratches or dents on the device.
  • Very good: Little to no visible scratches. No deep scratches or cracks.
  • Good: Few visible scratches. No deep scratches or cracks.
  • Average: Visible scratches or deep scratches. No cracks.
  • Damaged: Many visible scratches, deep scratches, or cracks.
  • Dead: Does not power on.

Does Gamestop Buy Old Phones?

GameStop will buy used and broken cell phones going back several years. According to their website, GameStop will not buy iPhones older than 9 years old. This means you can’t sell devices older than the iPhone 7. Phones such as the 6s Plus or iPhone 5 are not eligible for trade-in at GameStop.

On the other hand, GameStop will only buy Samsung phones that are no older than 8 years old. Starting with the Samsung J7, GameStop will buy select devices up to the latest model released.

See how much GameStop will buy your iPhone or Samsung here.

Does GameStop Pay Cash for Old Phones?

GameStop provides options for in-store credit or cash when selling phones. Opting for in-store credit can result in the highest value. However, choosing cash will result in a lower offer. For example, selling a good condition iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB to GameStop may earn you $434 in in-store credit, while the same device in cash will earn only $347.20. According to our analysis, choosing cash can result in a reduction of around 20% compared to in-store credit.

selling your old phone at GameStop

What Does GameStop Consider a Damaged Phone?

GameStop considers a damaged phone to have any physical or functional issue that affects normal use. This can include cracks or chips on the screen, deep scratches, water damage, and an unresponsive screen to name a few. Though GameStop does not specifically state what a damaged device might look like.

We called GameStop to see exactly what they consider a damaged phone and whether they will buy it. According to the GameStop employee we spoke to, a damaged phone is any device that has deep scratches, cracks, faulty buttons, or is not fully functional. The employee stated that damaged devices would be worth less than devices in good working condition.

Does GameStop Buy Non-Working Phones?

GameStop will buy some but not all non-working phones. After evaluating the physical condition of the phone and connecting to their system, they will give you an offer. For instance, GameStop will buy a dead unlocked iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB for about $8 cash. However, the same non-working model that is locked to Sprint, will only pay $.01! These offers tend to be significantly low in comparison. On the other hand, can pay around $50-$100 for the same non-working model.

Frequently Asked Questions: Selling Your Phone at GameStop

Does GameStop buy Motorola phones?

According to the GameStop website, they do not buy Motorola phones.

Does GameStop buy phones with cracked screens?

GameStop will usually buy phones with cracked screens however, the value will be significantly less. This device will be considered damaged.

Does GameStop buy water-damaged phones?

If your device is water damaged and does not power on it will be considered a dead device. In this case, GameStop will sometimes buy it but the value may be little as $.01. Sell your water-damaged phone here.

Does GameStop buy Samsung phones?

GameStop will buy most Samsung devices.

Can you sell a locked iPhone to GameStop?

You can not sell a passcode or iCloud-locked iPhone to GameStop.

Does Gamestop buy Android phones?

GameStop will buy some Android devices such as Samsung.

Do I need a charger to sell my phone at GameStop?

You do not need a charger to sell your phone at GameStop. However, bringing your charger can possibly increase the value of your trade-in.

Does Gamestop buy broken phones?

GameStop will usually buy broken phones depending on the model and condition.

Does GameStop buy financed phones?

GameStop will buy a phone that is not fully paid off or financed. However, they will not buy devices that are leased.

Gamestop Phone Trade-in Requirements

The requirements for trading in or selling a phone at GameStop may vary depending on the store and the make and model of the device. Generally, the following are required to sell a phone at GameStop:

  1. The device must not be passcode protected and all iCloud or Google accounts must be signed out Be sure to reset your device prior to sale to prevent data theft.
  2. A valid state ID is required to sell your phone at GameStop. Additionally, the seller must be at least 18 years of age to sell their device.
  3. Bring any cords or accessories such as chargers.
  4. Charge your device if possible so the GameStop employee can test your device.

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