iPhone Charging Port Repair: 4 Affordable options and costs

Is your iPhone not charging? Or is the charging cable loose or doesn’t click in all the way? It’s possible your iPhone charging port may need repair or replacing. Here are four iPhone charging port repair options and how much each one costs.

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1. Clean charging port from debris

Over time lint and other debris can accumulate in your charging port and result in a poor connection with your lightning usb cable. This is especially common if you carry your iPhone in your pocket. If your usb charger doesn’t click in well into your iPhone charge port, it may need to be cleaned.

This option is FREE if you are comfortable cleaning your own charging port. If you are not comfortable cleaning your charging port, most local repair shops will offer to clean it for a small fee. Usually the cost to clean your charging port at a repair shop will range from $10-$30.

Follow these steps to remove any lint or debris from your iPhone charging port:

  1. Turn off your device
  2. Use a small pick to dislodge any debris (avoid using anything metal to prevent damage)
  3. Point the pick upward into the charging port (towards the screen) and slowly move it from side to side (avoid touching the contacts on the bottom)
  4. Bring the pick with the lint toward the exit of the charging port ( you may need a flashlight to see inside)
  5. Blow into the charging port to get any remaining debris out

Here is a great video demonstration how to properly clean your iPhone charging port from any lint or debris.

If removing debris from your charging port doesn’t work, you may need your iPhone charging port repaired.

2. Repair charging port at a certified shop

Alternatively another option is to have your iPhone charging port repaired by a local repair shop. Local repair shops can usually repair same day. Local repairs can usually be completed at the repair shop location and in some cases at your home if they offer mobile phone repair. Keep in mind that mobile phone repairs completed at your home may be a bit more expensive as a technician must travel to you. Additionally, mail-in repair is also available as an option to have your charge port replaced. Most iPhone charging port repairs will range from $65 to $250. 

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Can Apple fix a broken iPhone charging port?

At this moment Apple doesn’t repair charging ports specifically, however they usually replace the device instead. If your iPhone is still under Apple warranty, you can get your device repaired for FREE. Here is Apple’s warranty checker. If your iPhone is out of warranty you will need to pay the “out of warranty” cost listed under “other accidental damage.”

Below we compare popular repair shops prices for charging port repairs.

iPhone 13 charging port repair costs in the United States

Please keep in mind prices at CPR Cell Phone Repair can vary from store to store as some stores are independently owned and operated.

ModelCPRuBreakiFixApple (out of warranty)Batteries Plus
iPhone 13 Pro Max$169.99N/A$599N/A
iPhone 13 Pro$169.99N/A$549N/A
iPhone 13$139.99N/A$449N/A
iPhone 13 Mini$169.99N/A$399N/A

iPhone 12 charging port repair costs in the United States

ModelCPRuBreakiFixApple (out of warranty)Batteries Plus
iPhone 12 Pro Max$129.99$189.99$599$129.99
iPhone 12 Pro$129.99$169.99$549$129.99
iPhone 12$119.99$169.99$449$129.99
iPhone 12 Mini$129.99$169.99$399$129.99

iPhone 11 charging port repair costs in the United States

ModelCPRuBreakiFixApple (out of warranty)Batteries Plus
iPhone 11 Pro Max$99.99$159.99$599$119.99
iPhone 11 Pro$99.99$129.99$549$109.99
iPhone 11$99.99$109.99$399$109.99

iPhone X charging port repair costs in the United States

ModelCPRuBreakiFixApple (out of warranty)Batteries Plus
iPhone XS Max$99.99$109.99$599$89.99
iPhone XS$99.99$109.99$549$89.99
iPhone X$99.99$99.99$549$89.99
iPhone XR$99.99$99.99$399$89.99

iPhone 8 charging port repair costs in the United States

ModelCPRuBreakiFixApple (out of warranty)Batteries Plus
iPhone 8 Plus$79.99$89.99$399$89.99
iPhone 8$79.99$89.99$349$89.99

iPhone 7 charging port repair costs in the United States

ModelCPRuBreakiFixApple (out of warranty)Batteries Plus
iPhone 7 Plus$79.99$79.99$349$69.99
iPhone 7$59.99$69.99$319$69.99

iPhone 6 charging port repair costs in the United States

ModelCPRuBreakiFixApple (out of warranty)Batteries Plus
iPhone 6s Plus$54.99$69.99$329$59.99
iPhone 6s$39.99$69.99$299$59.99
iPhone 6 Plus$59.99$59.99N/A$59.99
iPhone 6$49.99$59.99$299$59.99

iPhone SE charging port repair costs in the United States

ModelCPRuBreakiFixApple (out of warranty)Batteries Plus
iPhone SE (3rd gen)N/AN/A$299N/A
iPhone SE (2nd gen)$89.99$89.99$269$89.99
iPhone SEN/A$59.99$269$49.99

3. DIY Charging Port Repair

Another option, is to do the iPhone charging port repair yourself if you are tech savvy and willing to give it a try. This is the cheapest option, however it requires disassembly of your iPhone which can easily be damaged in the process. We do NOT recommend this option as the parts can be easily damaged and result in a costlier repair.

Charging port costs will vary depending on the model, part quality and where you buy from. Most charging ports will range cheap as $5 to upwards of $100 for the charging port alone. Along with the part, you will need to purchase a tool kit to disassemble your iPhone. Tool kits can widely range in price. One of our favorite ones is the iFixit kit which is $25 and will include everything you need to open up your iPhone.

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Below we compare various iPhone charging port part costs.

iPhone 13 charging port part cost

Keep in mind Mobile Sentrix parts are reserved for business and repair shop owners only.

ModeliFixitMobile SentrixAmazon
iPhone 13 Pro MaxN/A$61N/A
iPhone 13 Pro$89.99$37N/A
iPhone 13N/A$28N/A
iPhone 13 Mini$89.99$28N/A

iPhone 12 charging port part cost

ModeliFixitMobile SentrixAmazon
iPhone 12 Pro Max$99.99$21N/A
iPhone 12 Pro$99.99$19N/A
iPhone 12$99.99$19N/A
iPhone 12 Mini$79.99$14N/A

iPhone 11 charging port part cost

ModeliFixitMobile SentrixAmazon
iPhone 11 Pro Max$99.99$35$30.42
iPhone 11 ProN/A$34$43.99
iPhone 11$24.99$11$13.99

iPhone X charging port part cost

ModeliFixitMobile SentrixAmazon
iPhone XS Max$24.99$7$10.99
iPhone XS$24.99$7$10.99
iPhone X$29.99$6$5.99
iPhone XR$29.99$3$11.99

iPhone 8 charging port cost

ModeliFixitMobile SentrixAmazon
iPhone 8 Plus$24.99$4$14.99
iPhone 8$24.99$6$10.99

iPhone 7 charging port cost

ModeliFixitMobile SentrixAmazon
iPhone 7 Plus$24.99$5$9.99
iPhone 7$24.99$3$8.99

iPhone 6 charging port cost

ModeliFixitMobile SentrixAmazon
iPhone 6s Plus$24.99$5$8.99
iPhone 6s$24.99$3$8.99
iPhone 6 Plus$29.99$3$7.99
iPhone 6$14.99$2$7.99

iPhone SE charging port cost

ModeliFixitMobile SentrixAmazon
iPhone SE (3rd gen)N/AN/AN/A
iPhone SE (2nd gen)N/A$7$9.99
iPhone SE$19.99$1.50$8.99

Before choosing a repair shop be sure to look at online reviews and inquire about warranty on parts and workmanship. As a safe rule we reccomend at least a 6 month warranty on all repairs. 

4. File an insurance claim

If your iPhone is insured, it may be most affordable to file a claim with your insurer to repair your charging port. Depending on your insurer they may repair or completely replace your device. Some options include mail-in repair, in-store repair or mobile repair at your home. Deductibles with some insurers will vary depending on your device and payment plan. Below is a summary of some of the most popular phone insurance companies.

Below we compare some of the popular insurer deductibles.

InsureriPhone Charging Port Repair Deductible
Apple Care+$99
Progressive $75

The deductible for the iPhone charging port repair under AppleCare+ would be considered “other accidental damage” and results in a $99 deductible. Normally the whole device will be replaced as Apple doesn’t currently offer individual charging port repair.

The deductible with Assurion can also vary depending on the model of iPhone. The deductible ranges as cheap as $19 all the way up to $229. Your device will be repaired or replaced with a new or refurbished device if repair is not an option.

The deductible with AKKO is will range from $29 to a maximum of $99 per claim depending on your iPhone model. AKKO covers cracked screens, liquid damage, accidental damage, malfunctions and theft. Losing or misplacing your device is NOT covered.

The deductible for all smartphone claims with Squaretrade including charging port damage is a flat fee of $149 regardless of device type, model or whether the damage was accidental or not.

The deductible with Progressive for a damaged iPhone charging port would be $75 flat fee regardless of model. Keep in mind unauthorized repairs are NOT covered, so it’s best not to attempt any sort of repairs yourself if you have progressive.

Recommended Charging Port Repair

As mentioned, the best iPhone charging port repair will depend on your current situation, whether you have insurance, if you are tech savvy, or if your iPhone charging port simply needs cleaning. It’s always best to start with getting your charging port cleaned first to see if repair is needed.

If your device indeed needs repair, it is always best to leave it up to the professionals and avoid DIY unless you are comfortable and willing to damage your device. We recommend opting for the insurance claim or visit a certified repair shop to repair your iPhone charging port.

  1. Clean charging port
  2. Repair at certified shop or file insurance claim
  3. DIY charging port repair (AVOID)

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