Get Cash Today: Ultimate Guide To Sell Your Phone In Person In Tacoma

Looking to sell your cell phone in person today? Here is a list of 14 places you can sell your phone in person today in Tacoma, WA.

To begin there are several places in or near Tacoma, WA that will buy your used or broken cell phone. Everything from big box retailers to ATM kiosks. Alternatively, you can also donate your old cell phone to a local charity or business. Below we go in-depth about where to sell your phone in Tacoma. 

sell your phone in person

Trade Your Phone for Store Credit at Carrier Stores

Selling your phone to a local carrier store is another option. Carrier stores however only offer trade-in credit. Or in some situations monthly bill credits. You will not receive cash for your device. Additionally, your device must meet specific requirements such as no water damage and no previous repairs in some cases.

  • Verizon: If you’re a Verizon customer you can sell your old or used phone to any store near you. Bring in your device for a visual inspection and get a trade-in credit. There are several Verizon stores located in Tacoma, WA.
  • T-mobile: Similar to Verizon, you can trade in your cell phone at T-mobile. Visit a local T-mobile store in Tacoma and get your device appraised. You will receive store credit or monthly bill credits. You can check the value of your device online as well.
  • AT&T: You can also trade in your cell phone at AT&T for store credit. There are a handful of local AT&T stores located throughout Tacoma, WA. Additionally, you can check the trade-in value of your device online

Sell Your Phone to a Retail Store

Selling your phone to a retail store is another easy option. Again, you will only receive store credit for your device. This includes stores such as Apple, Best Buy, and Target.

1. Trade in Your Phone at Apple

Another great option is to trade in your phone at Apple. If you are located near Tacoma, WA there is an Apple store located inside the Tacoma Mall. Though Apple isn’t able to pay cash for your device, you can opt for an Apple gift card. Apple offers reasonable trade-in values though sometimes they can be a bit on the lower end. For example, if your phone has any damage such as cracks or chips, Apple will only offer to recycle it. Unfortunately, you will not receive any trade-in value for most damaged or broken devices.

2. Store credit for Best Buy Trade-In

Best Buy also offers a trade-in program to sell your phone in person. The values Best Buy offers are similar to that of Apple. If you are selling a device that is even slightly damaged the value can go down quickly.

3. Target In-Store Credit 

Target’s trade-in program is very similar to that of Apple and Best Buy. You will bring in your device, have it inspected by a Target employee, and receive a store credit. 

Sell at Pawn Shop or Mobile Phone Shop

Pawn shops, mobile phone shops, and even ATM kiosks are yet another option to sell your used or broken device locally in person in Tacoma, WA. 

1. Sell Your Phone at ecoAtm

A popular option is to sell your phone at an ecoAtm machine. You may have seen these vending machines in your local grocery stores. There are multiple ecoAtms in and around Tacoma, WA. However, the offers they give tend to be fairly low especially if your phone is damaged. Additionally, there is no person to help if you are having issues. 

2. Sell in Person at GameStop

Gamestop also buys and offers trade-ins for used and broken cell phones. However, a quick glance at their reviews shows that they offer very low trade-in values. Gamestop offers two different values whether you opt for cash or a prepaid visa card. The cash offer is significantly less than the prepaid visa. There are 4 Gamestop locations located throughout Tacoma, WA including the Tacoma Mall where you can sell your phone in person.

3. Sell Your Phone at Pawn Shops

Alternatively, you can sell your used or broken phones at a local pawn shop near you in Tacoma, WA. Though pawn shops are not trained in buying cell phones, you may or may not get the best offer possible. Pawn shops are known for haggling. 

4. Sell online at Smartphones Plus

Additionally, you can sell your phone at Smartphones Plus, an online site that specializes in buying cell phones, tablets, and other electronics. Smartphones Plus offers an easy way to get a quote for your device instantly online. The process is simple and offers a convenient mail-in option for selling your phone from the comfort of your home.

5. Sell at a Local Phone Repair Shop

This is a great option if you are looking to get cash for your device. Cell phone repair shops specialize in repair so you may receive a more fair valuation for your device. Unlike EcoATM or carrier stores, the value you receive will vary from low to high depending on which shop you visit. There are several cell phone repair shops in Tacoma, though most do not buy cell phones. 

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6. Sell Your Phone Locally at We Buy Cell Phones

Additionally, if you’d like to sell your phone in person same day, you can sell your device to us at “We Buy Cell Phones.” Here we are usually able to buy your phone the same day in person for cash. We buy nearly all devices including, used, broken, damaged, and even water damaged iPhones, iPads, and other electronics. Simply give us a call to get a quote for your device and visit our downtown Tacoma office to sell. 

Sell Your Phone in Person via Classifieds

On the other hand, if you are comfortable listing and meeting with a stranger, you can sell your device on Offerup, Facebook Marketplace, or even Craigslist. Usually, by selling on platforms such as Offerup you are able to get maximum value for your device. Though you must negotiate with buyers and deal with plenty of flakes and no-shows. 

  • Offerup: Offerup is one option to list your cell phone for sale locally online. Though you may need to deal will plenty of people who are not serious, you should be able to get market value for your device if it’s not damaged. 
  • Facebook Marketplace: Alternatively, you can list your phone locally on Facebook Marketplace. Like Offerup you are able to see buyer and seller reviews to help you not get scammed. 
  • Craigslist: Lastly, Craigslist is also an option to list and sell your device locally in Tacoma. Though you are not able to see buyer and seller reviews. 

Can’t Sell Your Phone?

Can’t sell your phone because it is too old or damaged beyond repair? It might be time to recycle your phone. There are several locations throughout Tacoma where you can recycle your phone and other electronics that are beyond use.


We advise anyone looking to sell their phone locally in Tacoma, WA to look at online reviews beforehand. This will save you time and get you the most value for your device. Additionally, we recommend avoiding selling your device via classified ads as there are plenty of scams out there. Selling your phone to your network carrier can be a great option especially if there are any promotions. Our preferred method is to sell your devices to local phone shops as you will get the maximum value for your device.

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