How to Recycle Your Electronics in Washington

Whether you’re looking to recycle your old electronics, looking to earn some extra cash, or simply looking for a place to sell your gadgets, here’s everything you need to know about recycling your electronics in Washington.

In 2006 Washington state legislature passed the Electronics Product Recycling Law which requires manufacturers of TVs, computers, and monitors to provide recycling services for these products at no cost to consumers. There are over 200 locations in Washington where you can sell and recycle your old or unused electronics. Some locations are even able to pay you some cash for your devices such as cell phones, tablets, and computers.

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Is it Illegal to Throw Away Electronics in Washington?

Throwing out or dumping electronics in the trash in WA state is illegal. When improperly disposed of electronics, they can leach and damage the surrounding environment. In WA state be sure to follow the law and recycle your electronics.

How Do I Responsibly Dispose of My Laptop in Washington?

To dispose of your laptop responsibly in Washington State means to follow the proper guidelines and regulations. This means your laptops and other electronics should not end up in a landfill. Don’t forget to wipe and erase your computer before recycling it.

How Do I Dispose of a TV in Washington state?

The best way to dispose of your TV in Washington state is by giving it a second life. If your TV is damaged or too old to be used again, you can recycle it at one of the many recycling sites located throughout WA. You can find an electronics recycling facility near you by visiting the E-Cycle Washington site.

  1. Can TVs go into general waste? TVs can not go into the general waste. Electronics are banned from the garbage and are not accepted at recycling and disposal stations or hazardous waste collection sites.
  2. Does the Tacoma Dump Take TVs? The Tacoma Landfill does not accept electronics such as TVs, monitors, computers, tablets, and laptops. You can dispose of and recycle your TV at one of the many E-Cycle locations.

Where Can I Dispose of a TV in Pierce County?

You can dispose of and recycle your TV and other electronics in Tacoma and throughout Pierce County in several locations.

  • Better PC Recycle: Will recycle TVs however a small fee may be associated. They will recycle most electronics including TVs, printers, laptops, kitchen appliances and more.
  • Recycling Resources: This scrap metal dealer will also take TVs and even holiday lights, computer cords, computers, power tools and VCRs.
  • SBK Recycle: Will take a variety of electronics to recycle including TVs.
  • Best Buy: You can conveniently recycle your TVs at any Best Buy location. However, there is a limit of 2 per household per day with a $29.99 fee per TV.

Where Can I Dispose of a TV in King County?

There are many locations where you can get rid of or recycle your TV and other electronics in Seattle and throughout King County.

  • RE-PC Recycled Computers and Peripherals: They will accept nearly all electronics for recycling in King County. This includes TVs, video and camera equipment, cell phones, computers, fax machines, gaming consoles, and monitors.
  • Friendly Earth: Will recycle everything from cell phones and computers to big and bulky TVs.
  • InterConnection: Will recycle your TVs as well as phones computers, copiers, and printers.

How Do I Dispose of and Recycle Electronics in Seattle?

The best way to dispose of your electronics in Seattle is to recycle them! Recycling your electronics keeps them out of landfills and gives them a second life. If your electronics are still functional or need minor repairs, they can be refurbished and given a second life.

  1. How do I dispose of a microwave in King County? You can dispose of and recycle your microwave and other electronics at one of the many E-Cycle locations located throughout King County. Do not toss your microwave in the garbage or dump it at a landfill.
  2. How do I dispose of a dishwasher in King County? To dispose of a dishwasher in King County it is best to recycle it at one of the E-Cycle locations.
  3. How do I dispose of a laptop in Seattle? Depending on the model and condition of your laptop you can either donate your laptop, recycle it, or even sell it for cash. Your laptop can be recycled at one of the many E-Cycle locations. Alternatively, you can sell your laptop to

How Do I Dispose of Cell Phones Near Me?

If you’re unable to sell your device because it’s too old or unsalvageable you can use the Call 2 Recycle locator to find a location near you where you can recycle and dispose of it responsibly. Most locations will allow you to recycle your old phones for free. However, most cell phones can sell for some cash instead. Be sure to erase all your data on your cell phone before recycling.

Where Can I Recycle Old Phones Near Me in Washington?

There are several locations where you can recycle or donate your old phones. In some instances, you may even be able to sell it for some cash.

  1. We Buy Cell Phones: Located in Tacoma, WA will buy used and broken electronics including cell phones, computers, tablets, and smartwatches.
  2. Best Buy: Will accept most electronics including cell phones, for recycling with a few exceptions.
  3. Lowes: Most Lowes store locations have a dedicated recycling bin for cell phones.
  4. ecoATM: You can also sell your old or damaged phone to an ecoATM kiosk. Most are located in local grocery stores near the entrance.

How do you dispose of an iPhone that won’t turn on?

If your iPhone doesn’t turn on you can try selling it to Keep in mind you will need to remove your iCloud account before selling it. Alternatively, you can recycle your non-working iPhones and electronics at any of the E-Cycle locations throughout Washington State.

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