Sell Your Broken Phone: Turning Your Trash into Cash

Want to sell a broken phone? It may be worth more than you think! Though many people tend to think broken or damaged cell phones are worthless, they can still fetch a significant amount.

sell your broken phone

Can You Sell a Broken Phone?

Normally it’s perfectly fine to sell a broken or damaged cell phone. While it may seem counterintuitive, there is a market for broken devices. Many buyers are interested in purchasing broken phones for various reasons, such as salvaging spare parts or refurbishing them for resale. The key is to assess the condition of your broken phone and determine its market value.

How Much Are Broken Phones Worth?

Determining the value of a broken phone can be difficult, as it depends on various factors. The extent of damage, model, brand, and demand all contribute to the price. Generally, broken phones are valued at a fraction of their original cost but can still fetch a significant amount.

When assessing the value of a broken phone, it’s helpful to research similar listings and recent sales to get an idea of the market prices. Online platforms like eBay and Swappa can provide a rough estimate of what your device is worth. It’s important to be realistic about your expectations and understand that the value of a broken phone will typically be lower than that of a fully functional one.

Ultimately, the final price of a broken phone will be determined through negotiation with potential buyers. Be prepared to justify your asking price, considering factors such as the condition, functionality, and any accessories included. Being flexible and open to reasonable offers can help facilitate a successful sale while ensuring you receive a fair amount for your broken phone.

Where to Sell Your Broken Phones

When it comes to selling your broken phone, there are several avenues to explore, each with its own pros and cons.

  1. Selling on Online Platforms:
    • Platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp provide a convenient way to connect with local buyers. You can create listings with details and photos of your broken phone and negotiate directly with potential buyers. However, exercise caution when dealing with strangers, and ensure secure payment and safe meeting locations.
  2. Selling to Specialized Websites:
    • Specialized websites such as BuybackBoss, Decluttr, ItsWorthMore, and WeBuyCellPhones focus on buying used and broken cell phones. These platforms streamline the selling process by providing price quotes based on your phone’s condition, handling shipping and payment, and often offering a quick turnaround. While the prices offered may not be as high as through direct selling, the convenience and peace of mind they offer can be worthwhile.
  3. Selling Locally to Businesses:
    • Local businesses that buy used and broken phones can be another viable option.
      • ecoATM: ecoATM is an automated kiosk located in malls and retail locations that buys used and broken phones. They provide an instant cash offer based on the condition and model of your phone.
      • GameStop: GameStop, known for its trade-in program for video games and consoles, also accepts phones. However, their policies regarding broken phones may vary by store. It’s advisable to contact your local GameStop or check their website for guidelines.
      • Cell Phone Shops: Local cell phone repair or electronics shops often buy broken phones for parts or refurbishment. Visit nearby shops and inquire if they are interested in purchasing your broken phone.
  4. Donate Your Cell Phone:
    • While selling your old phone can provide you with some extra cash, donating your device is a wonderful alternative. Donating your used cell phone to a charitable organization or business offers it a second life. Numerous charities refurbish donated phones and distribute them to individuals in need, or sell them and use the proceeds to fund various programs.

When deciding where to sell your broken phone, consider factors such as convenience, pricing, security, and the condition of your device. Research potential platforms and businesses, compare prices and services, and read customer reviews to make an informed choice. Remember to wipe your personal data to prevent data theft and ensure a smooth transaction.

Does ecoATM Buy Broken Phones?

ecoATM is a popular option for selling broken phones. It’s an automated kiosk that offers instant cash for used devices. While ecoATM does buy broken phones, the price offered will depend on the specific condition of your device. They have a rigorous assessment process to determine the value of the phone based on its functionality, external appearance, and model. It’s worth noting that ecoATM’s prices may not always be the highest, so it’s important to consider other options as well.

Does GameStop Take Broken Phones?

GameStop is primarily known for its trade-in program for video games and gaming consoles, but it also accepts phones. However, GameStop’s policy regarding broken phones may vary from store to store. In some cases, they may only accept fully functional devices. It’s best to contact your local GameStop store or check their website for their specific guidelines. If GameStop does accept broken phones, they will assess the device’s condition and offer you store credit or cash based on their evaluation.

Who Buys Broken Phones and Why

There are various companies that buy broken phones, for different reasons. Here are some examples of who buys broken phones and why:

  1. Cell Phone Repair Shops:
    • Cell phone repair shops often purchase broken phones for their refurbishment and spare parts. Often repair shops will buy broken phones to refurbish and resell for a profit. If a device is beyond repair they can salvage components like screens, batteries, cameras, and more to use them for repairs on other devices. By buying broken phones, repair shops can reduce their costs and offer more affordable repair services to customers.
  2. Buyback Companies:
    • Buyback companies specialize in buying broken phones, repairing them, and reselling them as refurbished devices. These companies have the expertise and resources to fix a wide range of issues, such as broken screens, non-functional buttons, or faulty hardware. By refurbishing broken phones, they can extend the lifespan of these devices and offer them at a lower cost compared to brand-new ones.
  3. Online Buyback Platforms:
    • Online buyback platforms like BuybackBoss, Decluttr, ItsWorthMore, and WeBuyCellPhones purchase broken phones for various reasons. These platforms have partnerships with repair facilities or refurbishment companies. They buy broken phones and then send them to their repair partners to be fixed. Once repaired, the devices are resold or recycled through their networks.

Overall, the motivation behind buying broken phones lies in the potential value that can be extracted from them. Whether it’s for spare parts, refurbishment, or personal use, there are buyers who see the opportunity in purchasing broken phones and leveraging them for various purposes. By giving new life to these devices, buyers contribute to reducing electronic waste and promote a more sustainable approach to technology consumption.

Though many people tend to think a broken phone is not worth anything it can still fetch some cash. Many people customers are shocked at how much value their broken phones still have. So never throw away your old broken phone and make sure you sell or recycle them!

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