Do Cell Phone Repair Shops Steal Parts? Debunking the Myth

Worried whether or not your local cell phone repair shops might steal parts from your device during repair? You’re not alone! The reputation of some cell phone repair shops has come into question by some consumers with concerns about the possibility of these shops stealing parts from customers’ devices. Below we explore this issue and … Read more

Best Place to Sell Your iPad for Cash in Tacoma

Replacing your iPad can be expensive however you can recoup some money and sell your iPad near you in Tacoma. There are plenty of ways to sell your iPad online but like most of us, you’d prefer to sell in person for cash. Luckily there are several places you can sell your iPad in Tacoma … Read more

Power Up with Caution: The Truth About Third-Party Phone Charger Safety

Wondering if it’s safe to use a third-party cell phone charger? Here are several key factors to consider when opting to use an aftermarket charging cable. To begin, not all third-party cell phone chargers are made equal. Some third-party phone chargers are high quality, certified, and safe to use. On the other hand, others are … Read more

Splash to Cash: How to Sell Your Water-Damaged Phone For Cash

Did your phone go for a swim? Fortunately, you can sell your water-damaged phone to get some quick cash to buy a replacement. Can You Sell a Phone With Liquid Damage? You can in fact sell your water-damaged cell phone for cash. This even includes devices with liquid damage such as coffee, soda, juice, salt … Read more

GameStop’s Secret Side Hustle: Buying Old Phones

Did you know GameStop buys old cell phones? Gamestop will buy a variety of devices in varying conditions. This includes buying used, broken, damaged, and even dead devices. Conditions of Devices GameStop Accepts for Trade-In: Does Gamestop Buy Old Phones? GameStop will buy used and broken cell phones going back several years. According to their … Read more

Unlock Your Phone in a Snap: The Guide to Repair Shop Unlocks

Are you wondering if a cell phone repair shop can unlock your phone? Likewise, many other people are looking for ways to unlock their devices to use them with different carriers or for international travel. While many people turn to their carrier for help with unlocking their phone, others may consider visiting a local cell … Read more

Don’t Get Hacked: Keep Your Data Safe at Phone Repair Shops

With mobile phones becoming an essential part of our daily lives, protecting our personal information and data is crucial. While most phone repair shops are reputable, there’s always a chance of data or even part theft during the repair process. To ensure your data stays safe, it’s important to take precautions when handing over your … Read more

Genius Bar 101: What You Need to Know Before Your Appointment

Not sure what to expect from your Genius Bar appointment? Here are some important things to know before your next Apple appointment and what to expect. What Happens When You Go to Genius Bar? When you arrive for a Genius Bar appointment, you will typically first check in with the staff. You will then be … Read more

Repair or Replace: How to Decide if It’s Worth Repairing Your Phone

Whether the phone is damaged or malfunctioning it can be quite frustrating making you wonder if it’s worth repairing your phone. Is it better to repair a phone, or is it better to replace it? Below, we’ll explore some of the key factors to consider when determining whether or not to repair your phone, including … Read more

How Much is an Old Phone Worth?

Are old cell phones worth anything? The value of an old phone can vary depending on a number of factors, such as model, age, and condition. Some older phones may have little to no value due to their age, while others may be more desirable and worth more. There are a few key factors to … Read more

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