Cell phone repair: How long does it take?

As we increasingly become attached to our smartphones, time away during repair is critical. Most of us can hardly handle a few minutes without our cell phones. Here is exactly how long you’ll have to wait for your precious phone to get repaired. It’s safe to assume most cell phone repairs will take under 1 … Read more

Cracked cell phone screen: what are the hidden side effects?

Seems like everyone sooner or later walks around with a cracked screen on their cell phone. Though seemingly harmless at first, there may be hidden side effects. A cracked screen can have several effects on your phone that can lead to a more expensive repair down the road. Firstly, a cracked screen in many cases … Read more

iPhone Charging Port Repair: 4 Affordable options and costs

Is your iPhone not charging? Or is the charging cable loose or doesn’t click in all the way? It’s possible your iPhone charging port may need repair or replacing. Here are four iPhone charging port repair options and how much each one costs. Cell phone repair: How long does it take? 1. Clean charging port … Read more

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